• effectively protect against the heat loss - UD factor from 0,63 W/m2K,
  • doors from ARCTIC Plus, ARCTIC, PREMIUM and BASIC lines are equipped with multi-point anti-burglary strip locks in standard,
  • excellent vandalism and burglary resistance- RC II class according to PN-EN 1627:2011.
  • protect against excessive noise,
  • excellent results of tests carried out by the specialized laboratories allow composite doors to turnover in the European Union market.



  • unlimited models, sizes and colours selections,unique stained-glass decorations from our own studio,
  • a wide range of top quality hardware and door accessories,
  • doors customized non-standard building openings,
  • double doors,
  • sidelights in various sizes and shapes,
  • moisture resistance PVC door frames with extensions system, connectors, finishing and masking profiles in any configuration,
  • the highest quality meranti wood door frame on request,
  • rebate or non-rebated doors, in-swing and out-swing opening options.



  • using for production composite materials with parameters unreachable for traditional materials we set new quality and design trends for entrance door,
  • we make  composite doors using advanced technologies protected by the international patents,
  • innovative structural glass units' pasting in system, provides doors stability, safety and energy loss protection
  • composite doors with SMOOTH surface, or in its unique combination, with the Real Wood structure in any custom coloursand configuration.
  • original stained glass in unlimited designs, handmade by the best craftsmen in our own studio,
  • flexibility of unlimited colours combining, fullfill the uniqueness of  composite doors
  • not complicated and kept to the minimum maintenance,
  • paint coatings don't require periodic maintenance,
  • specially developed, six-chamber Class A+ PVC door frames with a uniquenoble wood surface, in contrast to which they are completely moisture resistant, and don't require maintenance,
  • surfaces of composite sashes are damage resistant,
  • composite doors have the optimalprice to benefits ratio,
  • each order is individually produced by experienced professionals, for whom customer satisfaction is the highest recognition.



  • composite doors have the aesthetics of wood, light weight of aluminium, resistance of steel and durability of PVC, they are also free from defects associated with traditional materials,
  • advanced technology, the highest quality components, fittings and coatings of well-known manufacturers, provide trouble-free operation for years,
  • OUR composite doors are resistant to moisture and to the most difficult climatic conditions - composite sashes don't deform under the influence of weather conditions, we guarantee their constant technical durability for decades.